Clive Hay


Clive is an accomplished soloist with a wealth of musical experience, having previously played in various bands, toured and released albums.

Clive has been a professional musician for the last 37 years, as a solo artist as well as playing with popular South African bands, and right here in Sydney with his duo Soul Tattoo.  The guitar was his chosen instrument at the age of 10, followed by the piano at 13. Starting with the talent to play these instruments by ear, Clive progressed to two years of classical guitar training in his late teens.

His music also took him travelling - from Europe, busking in Norway and performing in Finland - to the USA where Clive toured for a year with the band “Looker”, and now in Australia, where he has entertained audiences for the last 16 years.  His solo career has included a Sarie award nomination, numerous radio and television appearances including Good Morning South Africa, and playing at venues ranging from pubs, hotels, and restaurants to weddings, 21sts, and large corporate functions.

 Clive’s latest release, “Remembering Savannah” features a lot of his early original work. He is a talented and skilled composer and arranger, writing and arranging much of his own music. Two of his most popular songs “Eyes Of The Beholder” and “Advice” were top hits on South African national radio and still receive airplay today.

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