by Clive Hay

Released 1994
Released 1994
Contemporary Christian music with a touch of Gospel.
Released in May 1994, the ultimate recording of Selah was the culmination of emotional upheaval and vision for something different in the Christian Contemporary music market of South Africa. At the time, artist Clive Hay was dealing with the disintegration of his first marriage, a punishing gig schedule, a deteriorating power play at the church he had been attending for the past 12 years, and a conflict of interest between his role as a key Worship Leader and his long-standing career as a professional musician.
In many ways, Selah challenged the Christian music market in South Africa. The album featured styles ranging from Rock and easy listening pop songs to Reggae rhythms and old style Gospel. Needless to say, the album was both a point of praise and controversy by the time it reached the publics ears. The album went on to sell respectably, and was well represented on radio stations across the country, backed by Clive's numerous appearances to promote the album "live" and on mainstream television.
Selah still holds it's own today, and is still a sought after collection for the discerning listener.

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